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Food enthusiasts know Alton Brown as the quirky kitchen experimenter from “Good Eats,” which ran 14 seasons on Food Network, and as the entertaining and sometimes sadistic host of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Iron Chef America.” But they may not know that he also sings, strums and dances, a former theater major at the University of Georgia who is a showman at heart. I spent years directing TV commercials, everything from insurance to tires, sneakers, banks. Of the 252 episodes of “Good Eats,” I directed 200 of them.

Or that he started his career as a cinematographer and director, shooting commercials and music videos, including R. M.’s “The One I Love.”“When I started touring and doing this show last year, it definitely threw some people,” Brown says. One can adapt one skill set to a number of permutations. I did OK, but I hated working for advertising agencies. My visual sensibility infused the show with a certain panache that I certainly enjoyed.

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He says his live show features food and science demonstrations with audience participation, along with a cowboy waltz about GMOs, a Sinatra-esque swing tune in praise of cocktail bitters and a rant titled “If I Were a Food God.” Here are condensed excerpts from the interview.

I caught up with Brown, 54, by phone in March from his home near Atlanta, a few days before he embarked on a two-month, 45-city tour.

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