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One young single adult, Dan, says if interest “is not communicated, you are communicating a of interest.” Jeff adds, “Guys need a solid hint.” Joseph says a brush on the arm or a pat on the shoulder often catches men’s attention because it signifies that the woman doesn’t feel a barrier between them.

And most men notice a woman who maintains eye contact, asks about their lives, and makes an effort to prolong the conversation.

This study describes the relationship experiences of young adults with autism.

Seven young adults with autism were interviewed about their romantic experiences.

Men often wonder if women expect creative, elaborate dates.

To dispel that idea, women can thank men for simple dates and follow up with an e-mail, note, or treat to say they would enjoy another similar outing.

“I would rather be rejected in a nice way than led on,” says one young man. “I think if a woman said she was busy a few times in a row, I would get the hint,” Russ says.

“If a girl is interested, she’ll make time for you.” Other men prefer a more direct approach.

It’s OK to be selective, but at the same time, it may be unrealistic for women to expect always to be asked out by men they are most interested in, says one single adult.Wander past the refreshment table by yourself, for example.” Michael says it helps if a woman socializes after church and occasionally separates herself from her friends.This gives men a window of opportunity to approach her.For example, Kim took action by sending Todd a friendly e-mail. “I didn’t want him to have to wonder what I was thinking.” A more subtle approach is catching someone’s eye and “smiling so he knows you wanted him to see you,” Shane says.Do this a few times so it won’t be dismissed as coincidental, “then make yourself available.

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