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Water ran down the staircases hidden in the hollow walls, as women carried up cups of tea.Each night, a shift of these volunteers, known as St. Many, like Butler, had been architects, and had fought in World War I. Paul’s advertised for help, hoping former architects might familiarize themselves most easily with the cathedral’s labyrinthine plans, and perhaps cared enough to risk their lives for it.

Like many of the Watch, Butler seemed to be absorbed by history.

Dim flashlights could be seen scurrying around the Whispering Gallery, and down the mile or so of cathedral corridors.

A dozen men, mostly middle-aged or elderly, carried sandbags and water pumps, hurrying to the incendiaries that rattled on the lead roofs, like coals falling from a scuttle.

Andrew’s, Scotland, the family relocated to a house a short distance from another crumbled cathedral, perched high on the cliffs.

He was soon sent to boarding school, a year behind Rupert Brooke, the war poet, and a generation behind the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

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