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The text box (where you can both type messages) is like having a whiteboard.You can each send files instantly through Skype, and you can also share your computer screens! Some companies use their own specially made platform.You only need to have a device to access the internet and a good internet connection.You will have regular classes, and probably homework to do in your own time.You have your own avatar (a computer-made character that represents you) that can actually walk around a virtual world.This is as close to a real-life setting as you can get online.But there are also courses where you can set a time with any teacher when they are free.

Others create or personalize courses for each individual student, and use a wide range of different materials.If you do not feel comfortable using a webcam, don’t worry!You usually have the option of turning it off if you want to.Online English lessons can be one-to-one, where you have private lessons.This type of class is likely to be a lot more personalized, which can help you meet your learning goals. In this type of class, you share the time with other students, can do more group activities and the lessons are usually a lot less flexible. For example, many companies offer lessons using Skype or other similar instant communication programs.

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