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This is because women's brains appear to be wired to be attracted to men with a good sense of humour.

When they laugh, women show greater activity than men in the regions of the brain typically stimulated by reward and appreciation.

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Confidence was another major factor, and many said a simple 'hello' can work wonders.

It at least gives a clue that you're interested, said the men, many of whom admitted they struggled to recognise whether a woman was flirting.

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They're bad people.' According to men on the thread, the best way to approach someone is to be 'direct and clear'.

The research published this week indicates that this is again down to differences in brain 'wiring'.

Women's highly connected brains make it easier to juggle challenges.

The finding, by neuroscientists at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, supports the theory that women use a man's ability to make them laugh as an indicator of his intelligence, and thus his genetic fitness to reproduce.

The dating world can be daunting, whether you're juggling profiles on apps or attempting to form a connection in real life.

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