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Mail collections will also be affected this afternoon, customers can drop-off mail at St. We’re working hard to resolve the situation and return services to normal as quickly as possible.Today, Thursday 16 November is the latest recommended posting date for International Economy mail going to Western Europe.As a result, a small amount of mail posted in other parts of the UK yesterday for delivery today in the North West of England will arrive later than planned.Mail travelling from Medway Mail Centre in to the National Distribution Centre arrived late last night due to heavy traffic.In compliance with the CISA and all its related guidelines and provisions, BPI will submit and disclose the required information regarding any loan or credit facility you have obtained from the Bank to the CIC. Last Updated on: April 21, 2016 Because your security is our prime concern, you are assured that at BPI, we are continually implementing measures to ensure the safety of your Internet banking transactions done via BPI Express Online.BPI adheres to the best security practices by using different tools, methods, and processes to protect our customer's account information and banking transactions: • We employ security products, such as intrusion detection system and firewalls, and other internal controls which are meant to safeguard, physically and logically, all our servers and information systems, including the data stored in these systems.

9510, otherwise known as the Credit Information System Act or CISA, was released to address the need for a comprehensive, centralized and reliable credit information system in the Philippines.

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Invest in BPI LTNCTD 2023Invest in BPI's 5 ½ years LTNCTDs due 2023 (the “LTNCTDs”) for a minimum investment of Php 100,000.00 with an indicative rate of 3.625% to 3.750% p.a.* LTNCTDs offer clients higher interest rates than regular deposits and have the flexibility of a negotiable instrument.

The boxes that will be sealed and closed are as follows: DH1 50 Market Place DH1 63 North Bailey DH1 349 Millburngate In addition to this, the Post Office branch in WH Smith, located at 22-23 Market Place, DH1 3NJ will be affected.

Alternative Post Offices are located at: 4 Cheveley Park, DH1 2AA and Newton Hall, 18 Alnwick Road, DH1 5LX.

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