Sappho dating

Sula follows Claire around and finally into a junk shop. When Claire gets home, she finds herself dressing more sexy and the same happens to Sula.Well Sula needs a job and goes to a law firm and guess who she meets?really great story, Farleven should add more to it. Lots of detail in the clothes and I wish I could do that to some of my teachers. I recommend it to your students out rhere, wish my school was like this. Boy touches an artifact giving him the power of pleasure to women. Well the movie itself has strange effects on the town and causes everyone to dress like the characters. Company starts to go bankrupt and gets outside help.Seeing how I have a foot fetish, this story kicks ass! Young man seduces his teacher with a hidden talent he has and then he takes over the school. He has his way with his neighbor, teacher, the hottest girl in school, his mother and sister, and his best friend. Well he has his way and puts in a special sound system and orders new uniforms for everyone. A scientist invents a way to turn girls into nympomaniacs and cause “other” changes as well.This is another good story with great descriptions.A woman goes to shop for clothing and listens to subliminal messages in the music playing in the dressing room.

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He spends the day off with her as he makes her less prude and more nude. A guy comes home and finds his mother acting like a dog in heat. Then his friend stops by and is very shocked by the mothers behavior and finally takes advantage of it..spills out the whole story.

Who ever wrote this, e-mail me, you are a pretty good writer..write more.

A man hypnotizes a high schooler and is unaware of her twin sister that he just has to enslave too.

Once that’s done, she has some “friends” come over and they take her mother too.

It ends very well with a nice mother-daughter sex scene.

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