Things dating people do

My passions included Jake Gyllenhaal and New York City and I really don’t trust people who like Monica more than Ross.

Silently accuse everyone you’ve not matched with of having rubbish taste.4.It's not usually a big deal, but someone that knows someone knows your ex and they're bound to find out. Either way, you know their ex and you secretly hate them for it. Ottawa is so small, and Tinder is used so often that there is a good chance you would have met somehow.The By Ward Market is like a warp zone of all the people you never want to see again all at the same but wrong time. Even though things are over, you still harbour jealousy and you definitely creep their Instagram even more than you did before. But be glad that you met anyways, because it's hard to date in Ottawa.They saw you at your worst and you want to forget those years anyways. There are certain bars in the By Ward Market that are just not appropriate to meet your soulmate and if you're of age, then you already know which ones those are.These guys and girls at these certain bars are only focused on tonight, and would never consider the future with you. Your last boyfriend/girlfriend was so amazing and now your standards are set very high. When you're living in a small city, it's hard to find a good spot to take someone that doesn't require your entire bank account.

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